Alan Dowling is available, and has previously been called upon, to consult, render informal and formal opinions, and testify as an expert witness, in a number of matters in which his areas of special expertise are relevant, including in particular music copyright infringement, trademark infringement and dilution, Talent Agency Act and right of publicity litigations for example, he testified as an expert witness at the federal trial of Wayne Kramer et al. v. David Thomas et al., USDC, CD CA, Case No. CV 05-8381 AG, a case arising from the production, exhibition and video distribution of a documentary entitled The MC5: A True Testimonial, addressing issues pertinent to findings of liability for direct, contributory and vicarious copyright infringement, the determination of actual and statutory damages for infringement, and the estimation of lost record company profits as a result of preclusion from production and release of a motion picture soundtrack album. 

The fee structure for such matters will be determined as appropriate to the particular circumstances and the services to be performed, but in general follows that for Mr. Dowling's professional services as an attorney in other matters.

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